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Dear Friends,


No matter how much we aspire to be happy--through material possessions, personal relationships, worldly accomplishments, self-improvement, optimal health—we still end up trapped in suffering and dissatisfaction as long as we believe we’re a separate someone, limited to this body and mind and life history, and surrounded by threatening or withholding forces beyond our control. Experiencing life through a dense filter of beliefs, self-images, memories, stories, and accumulated negative emotions, we stumble along from birth to death, never realizing the radiance, clarity, and simplicity of reality just as it is.


Fortunately, there’s an alternative, a way out of our suffering, a direct path through the thicket of emotionally charged stories and negative beliefs to a life of peace, love, and happiness. Instead of feeling that we’re trapped in our skin and confined to the claustrophobic contents of our minds, we can wake up out of the dream of separation to the wholeness and completeness and inherent happiness of life as it is, beyond the mind.


For decades now, I’ve been a guide on this journey of awakening, a teacher of what can’t really be taught but only pointed to, a counselor and mentor in the uniquely “personal” process of recognizing what we’ve always been. Unlike some teachers who work with large gatherings and are otherwise unavailable, I offer individual sessions and small classes and groups that provide intimate, ongoing guidance.


My work draws from many years of practice, study, and awakening in the Buddhist and Advaita traditions; from close relationships with several teachers, including Jean Klein and Adyashanti; and from my professional training as a psychotherapist. The work takes a number of forms:

  • Individual awakening sessions that combine the power of unconditional love and presence with attunement to your unique issues and stuck places as well as skillful methods for freeing you from their grasp.
  • The School for Awakening, now in its eighth year, an intensive immersion in the awakening process, consisting of a three-day retreat, six teleclasses, and six individual counseling/mentoring sessions. Limited to 16 participants

My greatest joy is to share with you the peace and freedom of spiritual awakening. I look forward to being in touch.


With love and blessings,





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