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Open Your Heart to the Love That You Are: An Online Class


Wednesday mornings, October 17. 24, and 31, 9-11 am PDT

As a spiritual teacher, I’ve found that awakening to our essential spiritual nature, boundless awareness or spirit, doesn’t necessarily awaken the heart to the love that we are. The awakening may remain dry and abstract and not really touch us at a deeper level or open the floodgates of love and compassion. Only when the awakening matures and drops into the heart do we fully realize the beauty and perfection of life as it is, including this messy human life right here. In this online class, we’ll invite the awakening of love and compassion through teachings, guided meditations, inquiry, and dialogue. Perfect for those who may have had some awakening but seek further integration and embodiment, as well as those who have enjoyed the books and videos but want to explore a deeper dimension. To register, click here.