Mindfulness Meditation offers instruction and inspiration to enable you to enjoy the many benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness Meditation includes detailed instructions, guided meditations of various length, deep relaxation exercises, short and long body scans for sensory awareness, loving kindness meditation for cultivating compassion for self and others, exercises for integrating, mindfulness into everyday life, inspirational talks, and much more

Improve your health

Improve your health

Regular mindfulness practice provides numerous well-researched health benefits.

Feel happier

Brain research confirms that mindfulness meditation increases your happiness and overall well being.

Reduce your stress

Scientific studies consistently demonstrate the benefits of mindfulness in the reduction of stress.

Live in the moment

By paying attention to whatever is happening right now, you can enjoy the richness and fullness of life.


Always by your side.

Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, you can access Mental Workout on your mobile devices and the web.

  • Just when you thought iPhone apps were becoming more and more mindless - try mindfulness.
    — Wall Street Journal
  • The most convenient method was [Mental Workouts] Mindfulness Meditation.
    — New York Times
  • Mr. Bodian narrative was thorough, relaxing and well pitched for a meditation novice like me.
    — cnet