Intimate counseling and mentoring

The individual counseling and mentoring sessions I offer by phone are an intimate blend of meditative self-reflection, timeless spiritual wisdom, and the techniques and insights of Western psychology.

My many years of experience as a teacher of spiritual awakening and my expertise and training as a psychotherapist enable me to listen deeply to your questions, sense where you may be stuck or off track, guide you in connecting with your own inner knowing, and help you realign with your path.

In addition to my background in meditation and the nondual teachings of Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, I bring a deep appreciation of all the world’s spiritual traditions and can help you discover for yourself the essence that informs and unites them all.

If you're looking for an empathic and compassionate counselor who's attuned to your unfolding and also grounded in the most profound spiritual understanding, this work may be perfect for you.


Open to greater awareness, clarity, freedom, and love

The purpose of these sessions is to support you in realizing and abiding in the truth of your being at every level, welcoming your experience just as it is with a compassionate heart, and inquiring into the stories and patterns of thinking and behaving that cause you suffering. As the light of awareness illuminates the unconscious patterns that limit you, we naturally orient together toward greater awareness, openness, clarity, freedom, and love.

Mentoring intensive

If you're ready for a "deep dive" into greater freedom and wakefulness, I offer a counseling/mentoring intensive of five sessions that can be scheduled at a pace that feels right for you. By signing up for the intensive, you not only save money, you also make a wholehearted commitment to your own awakening.

As with individual sessions, you can choose to focus on freeing yourself from core stories or reactive patterns or on deepening your spiritual understanding--or a seamless blend of both. For more information, click on the Schedule a session button. 

Counseling and mentoring take place by Skype, phone, or email from anywhere in the world. Because there is no distance in the heart, the work can be quite intimate and deep, no matter how many miles separate us physically. If you're interested in working together, you can schedule a brief free chat to ask questions and get acquainted. Or you can simply email me to schedule a full counseling or mentoring session.