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Free Online Satsang: Learning to Love Our Divine Imperfection

“In the world to come, God will not ask me, why were you not Moses? He’ll ask me, why were you not Zusya?”  —Hasidic master Reb Zusya of Hanipol

Not surprisingly in our goal-oriented, self-improvement culture, many seekers turn the journey of awakening into the pursuit of spiritual perfection. When I’m really awake, they believe, I’ll be just like Ramana, Nisargadatta, or some other saint or sage, free from human foibles. But spiritual awakening actually has quite the opposite effect: after years of struggling to be perfect, our hearts break open to the beauty and inherent pefection of our precious, messy humanness. In this satsang, we’ll explore the divine invitation to love ourselves just as we are. (All times are US PT.) To register, click here.

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to Oct 31

Open Your Heart to the Love That You Are: An Online Class


Wednesday mornings, October 17. 24, and 31, 9-11 am PDT

As a spiritual teacher, I’ve found that awakening to our essential spiritual nature, boundless awareness or spirit, doesn’t necessarily awaken the heart to the dimension of love. Somehow, the awakening may remain dry and abstract and not really touch us at a deeper level or open the floodgates of love and compassion. Only when the awakening matures and drops into the heart do we fully realize the beauty and perfection of life as it is, including this seemingly messy human life right here. In this online class, we’ll invite the awakening of love and deeper connection through teachings, guided meditations, inquiry, and dialogue. Perfect for those who may have had some awakening but seek further integration and embodiment, as well as those who have enjoyed the books and videos but want to explore a deeper dimension. To register, click  (All times are US PT.)

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to Dec 2

Resting in the Stillness of Being: A Two-Day Nonresidential Retreat

Join me for my fall nonresidential retreat in Tucson. The weekend is devoted to disengaging temporarily from the seemingly urgent demands of everyday life and reconnecting with the silence and stillness at the heart of existence. The retreat is an invitation to (re)awaken to our natural state of inherent wakefulness and peace and extend this awakening to every area of our lives. I’ll be offering the usual blend of teachings, direct pointers, silent and guided meditations, self-inquiry, and ample time for dialogue and discussion. For more information about the “direct approach” to spiritual awakening I teach, visit my website,, or read my books, Wake Up Now and Beyond Mindfulness. To register, click here.

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to Apr 22

Finding Deeper Ground in Challenging Times: A Weekend Retreat in the Direct Path to Spiritual Awakening

Whether through chronic or life-threatening illness, personal loss, financial difficulty, or global or political uncertainty, life has a way of challenging us to discover and draw upon an ever-deeper, more unshakable ground of happiness and peace. But how and where do we find such a ground? 

According to the nondual spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, the only reliable source of fulfillment lies inside you, in your own heart and spirit. Only by realizing your true self, your natural state of awakened awareness, can you find refuge from the tempestuous roller-coaster ride of life.

Fortunately, you don't need to practice for lifetimes to have a direct experience of true self--it's always already available to you if you just turn your attention inward and recognize it for yourself. In this weekend retreat, you will receive powerful teachings and pointers as well as guided meditations that invite you to awaken right now to your timeless spiritual nature, beyond the mind. 

This retreat is nonresidential and takes place at the Caritas Healing Center in Tucson. The cost is $150. To register, click here.

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Living from Truth in Challenging Times

Whether through chronic or life-threatening illness, personal loss, or global or political uncertainty, life has a way of challenging our connection with truth and inviting us to find an ever-deeper, more unshakable ground of happiness and peace. How do we remember and embody who we really are even when the going gets rough? We will explore this core issue through teachings, guided meditation, and dialogue in the direct approach to spiritual realization.

Free. Sunday, March 18, 9-10:30 am PT/noon-1:30 pm ET. Online. To register and receive your password, please click here.

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Beyond Mindfulness to Effortless Mindfulness with Stephan Bodian and Loch Kelly

Zoom Webinar: Dialogue With Stephan Bodian and Loch Kelly
Tuesday, February 20 @ 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm ET

Please join Loch Kelly and Stephan Bodian for this live Zoom interactive event online or by phone.

This event is offered by sliding scale for a recommended donation of $1 - $20.

Click here to register.

This webinar will explore the nature of an awakened life and the role of meditation in accessing nondual spiritual wisdom. Do we need to cultivate awareness through deliberate mindfulness, or can we recognize and rest in our natural state of awake awareness right now and moment to moment, without elaborate preparation? The webinar will begin with deep dialogue and meditations shared by the presenters, followed by questions and dialogue with participants.

Stephan Bodian is the author of the book Beyond Mindfulness, and Loch Kelly has released an audio called Effortless Mindfulness Now. They both have in-depth backgrounds in nondual wisdom traditions, meditation training, neuroscience and psychotherapy.

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to Oct 15

The Art of Happiness

Book Now

As the great spiritual traditions remind us, you can't find lasting happiness in accomplishments, possessions, or other people. Happiness is an inside job--and if you know precisely how to work with your own mind and heart, you can be happy in every situation, no matter how difficult.

At the deepest level, happiness is your birthright, your natural state as a human being, which you've lost touch with as the result of a lifetime of conditioning and suffering. By reflecting on certain core teachings and engaging in certain simple practices, you can reconnect with this innate happiness and spend more and more time just being happy, instead of struggling to get things to be different from the way they are.

The practices have a long spiritual pedigree and have been extensively studied by scientists and psychologists, particularly in the field of positive psychology, and found to be extraordinarily effective at building and sustaining lasting happiness.

In this two-day retreat, you'll receive powerful teachings on the nature of happiness and learn four simple yet transformative practices for lifting your mood, brightening your spirits, and infusing your heart with the joy of being.

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to Oct 1

Abiding as the Ground: A Weekend Journey of Awakening

Progressive paths mislead us into thinking that we have to follow particular practices and cultivate particular mind states in order to achieve some future goal of greater happiness, freedom, and peace. In fact, what we are seeking is what we always already are and is never apart from us, even for an instant. As Jean Klein used to say, “It is our nearest.”

At the same time, nondual teachings may lull us into believing that since we’re never apart from our true nature even for an instant, there’s no need to seek or inquire, to realize and abide–we just need to touch in to some loving and relaxing place inside and let life take care of itself.

But without a direct and transformative recognition of what you really are– timeless, limitless, infinitely loving, ever aware–you’ll end up with nothing but reassuring words and pleasant feelings. Unless you experience a profound and irrevocable shift in the locus of your identity and recognize your “true face” once and for all, you’ll go back to your life after retreats and satsangs and quickly lose what you thought you’d gained.

In this weekend intensive/retreat, we’ll focus on exploring and realizing the indestructible essence of what is. With the help of direct pointers, guided and silent meditations, and plenty of time for dialogue, we’ll invite the deep and irrevocable shift that a genuine awakening entails.

For more information and to register, click here.

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The Paradox of Practice: Online Interview with Grace Bubeck

Meditation practices like mindfulness have numerous well-researched benefits, including creating an inner spaciousness in which we no longer identifywith or react to the thoughts and feelings that arise. At the same time, practices can reinforce the illusion of a separate meditator who makes this all happen. They may perpetuate the belief that we need to keep ‘practicing’ to bring us closer to who we really are. Are practices an obstacle or a resource on the direct path of discovering our true nature, which is always already awake and needs no practice to maintain?

Click here to watch.

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