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Free Webinar: Finding the Light Inside the Dark

As the darkest time of year approaches, we’re invited to rediscover the eternal light that abides in the midst of the dark. Christians celebrate the luminous appearance of the Christ child, the son of God and the embodiment of love and redemption. Jews celebrate the holy miracle of the oil lamp that illuminates the Temple far longer than expected and offers inspiration in dangerous circumstances. Japanese Buddhists commemorate Buddha’s enlightenment at dawn on December 8. In a darkening world, we have the opportunity to revel in a radiant truth that cannot be dimmed or extinguished. 

Join me for a celebration of our true nature, our natural state of awakened awareness, which remains pristine and undisturbed in these challenging times. Includes guided meditation, direct pointers, and ample time for dialogue.

This event is free; donations are welcome. To register, click here.