Wake Up to Your Nondual Spiritual Nature A Weekend Journey of Self-Realization

Originally offered through the Open Circle Center, this eight-hour "deep dive" into the nondual nature of reality guides you step by step in questioning your accustomed identities and assumptions and waking up to your true self, beyond the mind. Perfect both for the new seeker who wants a concise introduction to spiritual awakening and for the seasoned seeker (or finder) who wants to clarify and deepen their understanding, this video course can be watched over several weeks or used as the focus of a solo weekend retreat.

Each of the five classes features teachings, pointing-out instructions, guided meditations and inquiry, and dialogue with participants. For those who might be considering joining the School for Awakening or working with me as a spiritual teacher and mentor, this is is an excellent introduction to my teaching orientation and approach.

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Brief Course Excerpt